by Sojeong



Hello, My name is Sojeong. This is a dress shop for BJD, Le Miel.

I'm a dress maker and have been making BJD's outfits since 2005.


I use only the finest quality fabrics and materials to make doll outfits.  Each outfit is made with sincerity.




 All questions are welcome. Please feel free to ask me at any time!

I often check my e-mail through my phone but when I reply to you, I will need to use my computer.

So the reply could be a little late. I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.






General Guidelines


- If you would like to order, please read the guidelines explanation and look carefully at the photos.

- Some of the clothing materials in your dress order might need to be altered if they are sold out.

I will do my best to find and show you replacement materials that have the same atmosphere as the materials you originally selected.  

- All of Le Miels products are handmade. Some sewing stitches or seam lines might be visible when looking in the hidden parts of the dress.

  To make the clothing more durable: Repeated sewing, vestige of hand sewing or finishing overlock stitches are needed.

There may be untidy stitches on inside of the dress.

- Please understand that all my work is handmade. So each set of clothes may not be exactly the same as another set of clothing.

- There could be a slight difference between the real color of the dress and how it appears on the computer monitor.

- I will endeavor to make my customers satisfied.







- It takes about 5-8 weeks to complete an order. This depends on the quantity ordered.

When your order is accepted, I will let you know how long it will take to complete.

I will inform you and keep you updated about the process as I am in with making the dress.

- Dress sets are limited in number so dresses orders might close quickly.





Special custom order


Special order is a custom made order made only for you.

It takes about 2-4 weeks to be finished. It depends on what you order and on my schedule.

Basically I remake one of the dresses from the Dress Gallery as you request.

However, you can change the colour, design, materials, length, accessories, and so on.

We will exchange our opinions until we are satisfied with it and then make the dress together.

I will try to meet as many of your requests as possible.

Or you can design the dress yourself. But your design is not out of my making style.

Even if you design it in your own style, my style will be added to it, too.





Finished dress set


This is when the dress is has been completely made. Only 1-2 sets are available.

After payment, I will ship the dress set to you within 1-3 days





Size and Fitting


I can't check with it fits on any other bodies except for the bodies on the list below.


Large dolls : VOLKS SD, SD13, SDGR Girl


Mini dolls : VOLKS MSD, SDM Girl

Tiny dolls : VOLKS YOSD Girl





 payment and shipping


- Payment  -

I can only accept PayPal. (I will pay the PayPal fee)

Payment will be completed within 3 day from when you receive my email about order success.

Layaway Payments – If you want to pay using layaway payments, your deposit is refundable.


- Shipping -

I will ship internationally by EMS or Airmail.

Shipping charges will depend on your country and the method of shipment.

I will let you know more about the shipping details once your order has been accepted.




 Le Miel's dolls